Amprobe Advanced Wire Tracer Check Availability

The Amprobe AT-2000-A Advanced Wire Tracer is the perfect solution for detecting wires, non-energized, or broken wires buried or hidden behind walls up to 13 feet deep. It uses an R2000 receiver that can identify wires in walls, floors, conduit, computer cables, and many more. Also, the AT-2000-A features a T2200 transmitter which checks shorts, ground faults, and broken wires. This Amprobe wire tracer features an S2600-A signal load generator that detects energized wires and locates breakers without interfering with power. The AT-2000-A wire tracer also consists of a clamp-on attachment to insert the signal without having contact with the bare wire. Constructed of durable ABS plastic, the Amprobe AT-2000-A is designed to last for a long time. As an addition, it comes with ten LEDs with Chroma filter lens that alerts the technician if it has detected a wire.